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Handmade tarpeze shape with unique natural veins.


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HS 680291


This tarpeze shape is a divergent choice for all those who love exquisite and out of the usual creations. The handmade creation promises u exact cut, while the pattern may vary with respect to the marble cut.

Customization details: 

  • Engraving will be placed opposite to the “M” letter.
  • Engraving will be in bronze color.


  • Items may vary according to the marble gradience
  • Ashtrays need up to 10 working days to be ready.
Weight 1.94 lbs
Dimensions 8.268 × 3.150 × 1.181 in
Marble type

Botticino, Carrara, Porto Oro, Tala Maron, Tala Marquina, Tala Noir, Verde Guatemala



  1. Mr. Randy

    “The most refined pieces, just flawless!”

  2. Kevin

    “It’s so simple, yet makes the experience feel so elevated and complete.”

  3. Ms. Karen

    My husband is such a cigar lover, and I wanted to gift him something special this year. I got the Apollo in Carrara and it looks amazing! It works with my living room interior too so that’s a plus.

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